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We are using this for a book club for the summer and it’s great! Has fun ideas, projects, etc; :) and GREAT price. Thank you!

Katie Walker
So comprehensive!

This was the most amazing unit study to go with the book! There were so many activities that we couldn't get through all of them, but I loved knowing there were so many options. It is well researched and thought out. I could find things for my older kids to enjoy and my younger kids. Thank you for this wonderful resource to go with the wild robot!

Christina Soder
Great resource

Thank you for the great curriculum resources and this fun learning tool!

Emily V
The Wild Robot Unit Study

I stumbled upon this unit study through a friend on social media. I absolutely love it! It is full of creativity and well laid out. It’s the first unit study I feel like I can achieve with my kids and we are having so much fun! The Wild Robot is a fantastic story for all ages. We can’t put down!

Julie Berrebi
Great resource!

Whether you’re a homeschooling parent/carré, a teacher or just (like me) keen to get more I voiced in your kids educational journey (and spend quality time together), this is a great resource. I can see so much work has gone into it, and it’s surprisingly low priced! I can’t wait to discover more about Roz…

So much fun!

We are having a great time working our way through this book study!

Both my 8 and 11 year old girls are loving how creative they get to be, and how the hands on activities are bringing the book to life! For me the real win is how there are so many different skills incorporated into what seems like a simple activity. For example the STEM activties have involved creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, managing expectations and frustrations as well as successes. It has been a lot of fun watching my kids and participating along side them!

Fun Book study!

This is a fantastic study to accompany a fantastic book! All ages friendly, it has a wonderful mixture of crafts, recipes and stem activities that keep all of my kids engaged. Highly recommend!